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Nat 05-14-2009 06:58 AM

Simple Chop Saw Stand.
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So Recently, I found myself needing a place to cut things that is stationary, and ready to go. So I thought I should build a stand for a chop saw. I didn't want to use my big chop saw, because I move that around from inside to outside so often that the stationary saw I wanted, wouldn't be so stationary. So to make this story short, I decided to buy a relatively inexpensive chop saw 10" and built a stand for it out of skid wood. The wood was free, and the saw was about $130 bucks. I planed the top boards, but everything else is just raw. Its so handy, Now I need to finish some projects, so I can have my 'space' back. I plan to put this against a wall kinda out of the way, but always there and ready to cut.
This might be something that others can do for their chop saw, so I figure I would share the project.

Mowin' Man 07-03-2009 06:03 AM

That is a good looking stand Nat. Might have to put something together like for my chop saw.

Thanks for sharing.

Mowin' Man

Nat 07-07-2009 05:40 PM

Thanks, the wood i used was scrap wood from pallets at work, so I basically made something from nothing. Well that chop saw I bought too, because I didn't want to mount my dewalt one. just something to make quick cuts. I found myself having to make room everytime I needed a simple cut with the chop saw. So I fixed that problem. The only wood that I cared much about was the wood used to guide the wood to be cut, those I planed and set level with the saws cutting surface.

wilsonsmith 12-24-2016 03:09 AM

That's a great idea Nat. Thanks for sharing. I am also going to make a stand for my Chop saw too.

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